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Postdoctoral epidemiologist with an interest in data-driven surveillance

The National Veterinary Institute, SVA, is a Swedish national authority that strives for good animal and human health, a good environment and sustainable food production. SVA is located in Uppsala and has approximately 350 employees with expertise in disease control, preparedness, surveillance, diagnostic investigations, research, and communication.

As part of our commitment within the One Health European Joint Programme, and other new projects coordinated by the Department of Disease Control and Epidemiology, we are now looking for a postdoctoral epidemiologist.

Our group is nationally responsible for surveillance design and evaluation, provides advise in the management of notifiable and exotic disease suspicions and outbreak investigations, preparedness, risk assessment, and epidemiological research relevant for the authority's responsibilities.

Work tasks

  • Epidemiological analysis of surveillance data, with ability to manage data along their entire processing continuum, from data acquisition to visualization and communication.

  • Conduct research in the field of health surveillance, within already designed research projects which aim at strengthening SVA’s current surveillance capabilities in general, and syndromic and One Health surveillance in particular. The person is expected to work with the support and under the supervision of senior researchers.

  • Work in research teams to fulfil obligations in EU-funded research projects, including data analysis, international communication, preparation and delivery of reports, publishing of scientific articles, and presentations in conferences.

Desired candidate

We seek an epidemiologist capable of independent work and collaboration, in particular with international partners in EU-funded research projects, and who is dedicated to deliver according to set deadlines. The person will be mostly involved with specific research projects, but it is considered essential that the candidate also can contribute actively to strengthen SVA’s role in animal health, and is expected to also take part in other work tasks at the department.

Required criteria

  • PhD in epidemiology or a related area which demonstrates strong capability for quantitative epidemiological research.

  • Experience with statistical programming in any language is required. Experience with the R statistical programming language would be a plus.

  • Demonstrated ability to write scientifically in English.

  • The candidate must be team oriented and be willing to share their knowledge and support other co-workers in our team.

Desirable criteria

  • Experience in managing and analysing large datasets, and work with ontologies.

  • Experience in surveillance practice or research, preferentially in the area of animal health surveillance, but demonstrated experience in public health or environmental health is also welcomed.

  • Track record of work in international and/or multidisciplinary research projects or work environments.

Extent: 2 years temporary employment, starting as soon as possible.

If you have further questions, please contact Head of section Jenny Frössling, Project leader Fernanda Dórea, or Human resources specialist Susanne Östling. Union representatives for SACO is Magnus Thelander, for ST Carina Pettersson and for SEKO Theres Andersson. All can be reached at +46 18 67 40 00.

To apply please use the form below. Send a cover letter and your CV by attaching a Word dokument or PDF file. Attachments can contain up to 20 Mb. Then fill in your information in the form further down and send the application.  

Please note that the fields marked * are mandatory to fill in, but we would like you to fill in all fields in order to process your application properly.

Once you submit your application, a confirmation that your application has been received will be desplayed and you will receive an email to the email adress you have registred.    

SVA is an authority, which means that all emails sent to us are public documents. 

Please submit your online application no later than February 28, 2018.

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