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The performance in the field of chemistry is characterised by knowledge and experience, active research, and a high level of service for our customers.  

Competence is available in both organic and inorganic chemistry, which contributes to a wide field of activity. In addition to the direct solving of chemical questions, a lot of the work concerns interpretation of the data obtained, own research activities, and providing support for various research projects. The activities consist of official duties in our role as a national authority as well as purely independent commissions. Chemical analyses conducted at SVA involve the toxicological and environmental areas, as well as analyses of doping control samples, animal feed and food samples and urinary calculus. Chemical investigations are also made within SVA´s activities for feed control.  

Among our customers can be found national authorities and institutes, veterinarians, animal hospitals, animal sports organisations environmental and health committees, private laboratories and private owners of animals. Most of the methods we use are accredited, which enables us to give the market the service and quality required.  

You are welcome to contact SVA with your questions concerning chemistry within the field of veterinary medicine.

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