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100 years since African swine fever was first described

Sidan granskades senast : 2021-11-09

A seminar is held Dec 8 honouring Eustace Montgomery, the veterinarian that first described ASF, distinguishing it as a separate disease from classical swine fever. Renowned speakers will summarize the evolution of the disease during these 100 years and describe the current global status of ASF. Talks will cover the latest knowledge of why the disease still is a global threat, especially in smallholder settings, and suggest ways forward to achieve disease control.  

The Eustace Montgomery Seminar: Honouring the First 100 years of ASF Research

In 1921, Eustace Montgomery first described African Swine Fever (ASF) in what is now Kenya. His publication includes impressive clinical trials, as well as this statement:

“...the precautions now being exercised beneficially show that, under conditions at present, the existing disease is one which can in large measure be avoided.”

We believe that Montgomery was absolutely correct in his conclusions from one hundred years ago. Despite this, control has seldom been achieved and ASF is more present in the world today more than ever.

In this seminar, we will explore the global situation of ASF in smallholder settings with focus on 100 years of ASF knowledge. Speakers will discuss control measures for ASF and what still hinders our accomplishing what Montgomery envisioned in his 1921 publication.

Erika Chenais

Forskare, epidemiolog

Foto: Therese Selén/SVA