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Training courses

The EURL organises training courses for improvement of technical performance in enumeration and identification of Campylobacter, and for the application of molecular techniques. Some years, instead of training courses, specially designed training activities for enumeration, detection and species identification of Campylobacter in chicken meat/swabs samples have been arranged for one or two NRLs at a time.

2019 Organisation of Proficiency Tests
2018 MLST-typing of Campylobacter
2017 MLST-typing of Campylobacter
2017 Enumeration and identification of Campylobacter in chicken meat
2016 Enumeration and identification of Campylobacter in chicken meat
2015 Detection and Enumeration of Campylobacter spp. in chicken meat
2014 Detection and Enumeration of Campylobacter in chicken meat
2012 PCR for Campylobacter
2011 Basic PFGE training course
2007 Enumeration of Campylobacter in broiler carcasses
Last updated : 2020-01-22