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Map of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD)

Since the fall of 2016, SVA investigates wild deer found dead or diseased for CWD. During the moose hunting season in 2017, samples were in addition analysed from healthy moose hunted in the county of Jämtland. Since the fall of 2018, road killed deer are also included in the surveillance. On the map you find all investigated wild deer, and the results of the analyses performed.

In March 2019, SVA diagnosed the first case of CWD in Sweden. A 16-year old emaciated female moose was found in the municipality of Arjeplog in the county of Norrbotten, circling and with loss of shyness towards humans, possibly blind. The moose was euthanized, and the head was sent for CWD screening in the national CWD surveillance program. The brainstem tissue, but not lymph nodes, were positive for CWD (confirmed with Western Blot). The circumstances of this Swedish case are similar to the CWD cases in moose in both Norway and Finland.

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