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Diarrhoea in dogs in Norway

Norwegian authorities are currently investigating a suspected increase in cases of diarrhoea in dogs in Norway.

The Norwegian Veterinary Institute is continuously updating their website with information on the ongoing investigation.

Website of the Norwegian Veterinary Institute

SVA is actively monitoring the situation in Sweden and Norway through continuous contact with Swedish veterinarians and the Norwegian Veterinary Institute. At present there are no indications for an increased risk of illness in Swedish dogs. There is therefore currently no indication for a need for restrictions such as always keeping the dog in a leash during dog walks or keeping dogs that usually spend time together apart.

Relevant information is available on our Swedish website www.sva.se.

As always, dogs that show signs of acute illness such as for example diarrhoea, or respiratory signs, should be kept separate from other dogs, especially from puppies.

Do you have further questions, or is your dog showing signs of illness?

Contact a small-animal veterinary clinic or hospital for an assessment of the health of your dog or dogs, as well as for individual based recommendations.

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