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Karin Artursson VMD, scientific coordinator, PhD, adjunct Professor Statens veterinärmedicinska anstalt karin.artursson@sva.se

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2016 - 2016

A World in Transition - Changes in Infection Ecology

Approximately 70% of infections affecting humans originate from domestic animals, wildlife and the environment. Antiviral and antibiotic compounds consumed by humans and domestic animals, distributed to the environment by discharge of treated wastewater or from production facilities, induce resistance development in both pathogenic and commensal bacteria and viruses. One Health Sweden is a cross-disciplinary research network. The annual scientific conference attracts approximately 100 participants and provides a platform for cross-disciplinary discussions and collaborations. The themes have varied during the years. The conferences attract various target groups, depending on the theme, within the field of One Health and offer excellent opportunities to exchange ideas. The knowledge from the meetings are widely spread. The sixth scientific conference; “A world in transition - Changes in infection ecology” was held in March 2016. The aim was to share results and strengthen the bonds between research groups and authorities concerning infectious disease transmission and antibiotic resistance development in an increasingly urbanized and globalized world. The outcome is presented at http://www.onehealth.se.

Last updated : 2017-12-06