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Project facts

Project manager

Märit Pringle marit.pringle@sva.se

Main applicant



Swedish Farmers' Foundation for Agricultural Research


2012 - 2013

Antimicrobial sensitivity of <i>Dichelobacter nodosus</i> isolated from footrot in sheep

In Sweden footrot in sheep is a notifiable disease and the Swedish Animal Health Service operates a voluntary control program. The claw lesions are painful and often cause lameness. In the control program the main treatment is through footbaths with zinc sulfate and to move the animals to uninfected surfaces, aggressive footrot is however treated with antibiotics parenterally. Today, we have no method in Sweden for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of the footrot bacterium Dichelobacter nodosus and therefore no information about the occurrence of resistance. In this study we want to develop a reliable method for antimicrobial susceptibility tests of D. nodosus and then perform this test on a selection of field isolates. The results can provide basic data in decisions regarding the choice of appropriate antibiotics for the treatment of footrot.

Last updated : 2013-09-23