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Project facts

Project manager

Ali Mirazimi Researcher, Senior expert Scientist, Prof, Inst. för Laboratoriemedicin ali.mirazimi@sva.se

Main applicant





2014 - 2016

Bio-Agro Defence Collaboration and Infrastructure Sharing

The project aims to compile data from Swedish organizations (RSA's, early warning, coordination and critical infrastructure such as security laboratories and core facilities within the One Health Security area. This creates a good basis for obtaining knowledge and experience to able to work with national and global B-threats.

The project aims to put a national basis for international collaboration in Bio-Agro Defense Collaboration and Infrastructure Sharing related to "One Health Security" area. The project also aims to prepare the 11 Swedish organizations that are involved in the project for national and international emergency management within the One Health Security.



Last updated : 2014-06-27