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Project facts

Project manager

Main applicant



Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency


2020 - 2022

Field of research



Project members

Hanna Pettersson

Elina Åsbjer

Marie Nykvist

Disease Control for Voluntary defense organizations with animal contact

Foto: Marie Nykvist

The National Veterinary Institute has started a collaboration with Voluntary defense organizations (FFO’s) working with animals. The FFO’s are the Swedish Blue Star (SBS) and the Swedish Working Dog Association (SBK). The aim of the project is to decrease the risk of spreading infections, caused by microorganisms and antibiotic resistance between animals and between animals and humans, through increased knowledge.

Through the project, we will identify critical areas within the SBS and SBK educational organization.  Areas that may increase positively for the society where more knowledge about infection spread and prevention is clarified. First, in addition to analyzing educational study plans, we will practice how the education works in a crisis. 

The Swedish Blue Star has as a social mandate to care of animals during crises, outbreaks of infection and other events that may affect animals. SBS plays an important part for Sweden's food supply during a crisis. The Swedish Working Dog Association trains rescue dogs for crises, as an example. Rescue dogs can be infected by diseases during rescue missions as well as during practicing and international competitions and trails. Both SBS's and SBK's organizations are largely about education and maintaining knowledge.
Last updated : 2020-05-13