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Project facts

Project manager

Jenny Frössling Researcher, epidemiologist jenny.frossling@sva.se

Main applicant



Sandbergs fond


2015 - 2017

Epidemiological analysis of the Salmonella Dublin outbreak in Skåne

Within this project, different epidemiological methods were used and compared during a local outbreak with Salmonella Dublin in cattle. The different sources of information were: backward and forward tracings from infected herds, local screenings of dairy- and meat producing herds, animal movements, syndromic surveillance data and whole genome sequencing results. These data sources were used to investigate the source of infection, contacts between herds, surveillance and identification of risk herds using tools such as “EpicontactTrace” (R-package) and mapping. The results show that existing epidemiological data can be used as a valuable complement to manual tracings.
Last updated : 2018-01-02