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Project facts

Project manager

Ann Lindberg Researcher, state epizootiologist, professor ann.lindberg@sva.se

Point of contact

Arianna Comin arianna.comin@sva.se

Main applicant



University of Thessaly (GR)







2018 - 2019

HOTLINE: Harmonisation of transmissible disease interpretation in EU

The overarching purpose of HOTLINE, coordinated by the University of Thessaly, Greece,  is to make disease information comparable and interpretable, and to facilitate  for risk assessors, risk managers and policy makers to communicate such information in a harmonised way, from estimates of true prevalence to narrative descriptions of risk-based surveillance and its output. 
SVA's role in HOTLINE is to develop reporting guidelines for animal health surveillance communication to facilitate consistent and transparent reporting of surveillance activities and their outcomes. Draft guidelines for harmonised reporting of surveillance outcomes have been collaboratively developed, in-kind, within the previous ANIHWA project SANTERO http://santero.fp7-risksur.eu/. This project will move this initiative further forward by 1) conducting a survey to get input on the reporting items suggested so far, 2) collate examples and explanations from openly available national reports with surveillance information and 3) hold a consensus meeting where reporting items, checklist, examples and explanations are consolidated. The reporting guidelines will subsequently be published and maintained on a dedicated web page.
Last updated : 2020-01-02