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Project facts

Project manager

Susanna Sternberg Lewerin Researcher, veterinary epidemiologist, PhD estelle.agren@sva.se

Point of contact

Susanna Sternberg Lewerin estelle.agren@sva.se

Main applicant





2012 - 2017

Increased efficiency of the salmonella control in Swedish dairy herds

A more cost efficient control of salmonella in the Swedish cattle population can be achieved by reducing the risk of introduction of salmonella to cattle herds, reducing the cost of eradicating salmonella in infected herds, and ensuring that herds where eradication is completed are salmonella free.

This is a PhD project in three parts, studying Swedish dairy herds to develop effective testing strategies for salmonella detection, identify and evaluate factors that affect the risk of salmonella infection and identify and evaluate factors that affect the cost of eradication.

The aim is to reduce the salmonella prevalence in Swedish dairy herds, for the benefit of the hygienic quality of the milk, calf health (consequently reducing the need for antibiotic treatments), the environment (reduced spread of salmonella and less need for eradication that affect the environment) and public health.

Last updated : 2018-01-02