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Project facts

Project manager

Marie Sjölund marie.sjolund@sva.se

Main applicant



Royal Swedish Academy of Agriculture and Forestry


2017 - 2019

Occurrence of internal parasites and resistance to anthelmintics in Swedish pig herds - a pilot study

Internal parasites are common in pigs worldwide but apparent clinical symptoms are rare or hard to quantify. Still, productivity may be compromised resulting in financial losses and reduced animal welfare. The prevalence of internal parasites in conventional Swedish pig herds has not been thoroughly investigated since the 1980s. Since then, pig production has undergone major structural changes and historical data are no longer applicable. Preventive routine dewormings are still commonly applied, which increase the risk for the development of anthelmintic resistance. However, it is not known if pig parasites in Sweden have acquired resistance. The prevalence of internal parasites, deworming practices applied and the effect of anthelmintics will be investigated in a select number of Swedish conventional pig herds aiming to propose recommendations on preventive measures, deworming practices and monitoring of parasites in pig herds to improve productivity and the economic profit for farmers.
Last updated : 2020-01-02