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Main applicant



The Swedish Farmers


2011 - 2013

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Infections of the upper respiratory tract are a main cause of performance impairment in horses. Strangles is highly contagious, with appr. 100 cases reported yearly in Sweden. An outbreak can involve many horses, as only the first horse diagnosed in a stall is reported. Strangles causes significant costs, as stables are quarantined for long periods. Less antibiotics could be used if the spread of disease is reduced, thereby decreasing the risk of producing resistant bacteria. The impact on performance after infection has not been well studied, as tools for this work have not been available. Recent evidence identifies variants of S. zooepidemicus as a possible cause of strangles-like infections and their presence has not previously been studied in Sweden. They can flourish undisturbed in the horse population, posing a significant health concern. Improving diagnoses of upper airway viruses and bacteria, including at equine clinics and stables will be invalualbe to the equine community.

Last updated : 2012-10-16