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Project manager

Stefan Börjesson Researcher stefan.borjesson@sva.se

Main applicant





2012 - 2013

Sequence based characterisation of ESBL-carrying plasmids from UK, Sweden, France and Netherlands


ESBL/AmpC-producing bacteria are emerging in food-producing animals throughout Europe, simultaneously with their emergence in hospitals. Although there are many potential sources for ESBL/AmpCs in humans, the contribution of poultry and poultry meat products to human clinical ESBLs is documented. CTX-M-1 dominates the epidemiology in poultry, with TEM-52, CMY-2 and SHV-12 as other prevalent enzymes detected. The poultry associated genes are predominantly located on IncI1-plasmids, but other plasmid types occurr as well.

Identifying the genetic relatedness would strengthen the position of the four countries involved in an attempt to intervene in the GGPS animals abroad.

Because it is assumed that plasmid tranfer dominates the epidemiology, the project focusses at ESBL/AmpC-genes and plasmids carrying these genes and at this stage not at strain geno-typing.

Last updated : 2013-10-11