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Gittan Gröndahl, researcher

Gittan Gröndahl, deputy state veterinary officer, PhD. Her research focuses on infectious diseases and polyneuropathy in horses. Strangles and equine influenza have been particularly in focus. The goal of the research is to develop and disseminate evidence-based knowledge on topics such as epidemiology, pathology, diagnosis, treatment, prevention, and disease control for creating effective tools for veterinarians to combat equine diseases plaguing horses in the country.

Research projects

Pathomorphology and immunobiology of Acquired Equine Polyneuropathy (AEP); a key to the aetiology?

Contact information

You may send an e-mail to Gittan Gröndahl following this principle: firstname.surname@sva.se

SVA´s switchboard: +46 18 674000

Gittan Gröndahl at LinkedIn

Gittan Gröndahl at ResearchGate 

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