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Ann Lindberg, researcher

Ann Lindberg, state epizootiologist, professor. Her main research interest is in surveillance and disease control methods, including, but not limited to, risk based methods for prioritisation, design and evaluation of surveillance. Recent focus is on E. coli O157, Campylobacter and Q fever. In the past she has also been engaged in research on endemic cattle diseases and register data, with a focus on quality issues as well as usefulness as a tool for cattle welfare monitoring.

Research projects

Exploring the environmental connection between cattle and human EHEC cases

Omberg 2016 - sample and data collection for better understanding of the complex epidemiology of anthrax

Contact information

You may send an e-mail to Ann Lindberg following this principle: firstname.surname@sva.se

SVA´s switchboard: +46 18 674000

Ann Lindberg at LinkedIn

Ann Lindberg at ResearchGate 

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