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Karl Ståhl, researcher

Karl Ståhl, deputy state epizootiologist. His main area of interest is infectious disease epidemiology and disease control, with main focus on exotic animal diseases.

Karl Ståhl. Photo: Göran Ekeberg

During the last years the research has focused specifically on African swine fever (ASF), and he has among other things spent extensive time  in the field in endemic areas in East Africa.

Research projects

Understanding disease spread in wildlife-African swin fever in wild boar

Wild boar at the farm gate - how do we protect Swedish pigs from African swine fever?

Improved disease control by community participation - the case of African swine fever in northern Uganda

Field and laboratory investigations of African swine fever in bush pigs at the livestock-wildlife interface in Uganda

Understanding disease spread in wildlife - African swine fever in wild boar

Epi-economic modelling and comparison of hypothetical African swine fever outbreaks in DK,SE, NL and FR

Assessing the impacts of African swine fever in smallholder pig systems and the feasibility of potential interventions

Contact information

You may send an e-mail to Karl Ståhl following this principle: firstname.surname@sva.se

SVA´s switchboard: +46 18 674000

Karl Ståhl at LinkedIn

Karl Ståhl at ResearchGate 

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