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Development of a national database of data from veterinary practices for companion animals in Sweden

Published 2018-01-02

The aim of the project is to develop a national database of data from veterinary practices for companion animals in Sweden. The information in the database will be used for research, animal disease surveillance and for evidence-based veterinary care to support the needs of authorities, academy and veterinary practitioners.


The project idea is based on a voluntary sharing of anonymous data by veterinary practitioners. Data will be collated continuously from the practice management system into the central database. The participating practices will in return get access to interactive compilations of their own data.


The aim is to provide better opportunities for research and disease surveillance for the benefit of animal welfare and animal health as well as animal owners and public health. National disease surveillance is needed in order to quickly detect any change in the disease status of the animal population in Sweden, and react to these changes. This type of surveillance, however, is currently very limited for companion animals and horses in Sweden due to lack of data. A national database will not only enable disease surveillance on these animal species but also the possibility to apply automated syndromic surveillance.


By providing data, the participating practices also contributes to the development of a large research database from where data easily can be extracted to be used for research purposes, for example to investigate the range and frequency of health problems in different populations or the outcome of different treatments. This research will contribute to an evidence-based veterinary care. Another important objective is to monitor antibiotic use and -resistance in pets.