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How to communicate One Health to children?

Published 2020-01-02

Some 50 years ago, most people inindustrialised countries still had natural contact with agriculture and farmanimals. Nowadays this connection is less common, and knowledge about how toavoid infection risks is often limited. A project aiming at improving ways ofcommunicating biosecurity from a One Health perspective to public has beeninitiated. Veterinarians and medical officers collaborate with pedagogic andpsychologic experts to create a learning material covering the four areasbiosecurity aspects of zoonotic diseases, food safety, animal welfare andOne Health.

The organisation 4H of Sweden is aproject partner. This organisation is running petting farms, to which publicand pre-booked groups are welcome. Classes for youths interested in animals andhow to manage a farm are run on a regular basis. In this project we focus onchildren 7-12 years of age. A training package will be developed incollaboration with employees, leaders and young visitors at the farms.Follow-up studies will evaluate the outcome of different communication methods.An additional outcome of the project will be protocols for the biosecurityprocedures at the farms, which include guidance for visitors on how to avoidzoonotic risks.