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Multinational comparative AMR study on pathogenic Vibrio spp isolated from fish and shellfish

Published 2017-09-05

This project is a cooperation between veterinary laboratories in France, Denmark, The Netherlands and Sweden with Sandrine Baron, ANSES, France as project leader.

Vibriosis is a serious disease in fish culture with high economic impact and antibiotic usage is not strictly regulated in all countries. Althought very few data are available about antimicrobial (AM) susceptibility of fish pathogenic Vibrio, AM resistance (AMR) is known to be a growing issue. We aim to (i) establish a shared collection of Vibrio from fish between partners, (ii) study and optimize antimicrobial susceptibility of Vibrio strains with harmonized methods, and (iii) create SOPs and opportunities for projects on AMR regarding Vibrio and other aquatic bacterial pathogens.