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Wild boar at the farm gate - how do we protect Swedish pigs from African swine fever?

Published 2019-01-29

Introductionof African swine fever to Sweden would be devastating for the national pigindustry. Infected wild boar are considered the most likely route ofintroduction to Swedish domestic pigs and preventive measures are needed.Knowledge of how infection from wild boar to pigs can be prevented, however, islacking. We need to know more about the wild boar-domestic pig interface, aboutthe nature of contacts between wild boars and pigs, how common they are, andhow they could be avoided. The project will provide a basis for developing astrategy to prevent risky contacts by identifying the measures that are mostimportant and most resource efficient for prevention as well as managementduring an outbreak of African swine fever. Early detection of local spread willallow adaptation of the strategy when needed. The strategy will be useful alsoin the management of other infections that are spread from wild boar to pigs.