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Abstracts and posters 2016

Tegner, C., Sunil-Chandra, N.P.; Hansson, I., Perera, V., Wijesooriya, W.R.P.L.I., Fahlman Å. 2016. Enteric pathogens of zoonotic concern in non-humans primates in Sri Lanka. 12th Conference of the European Wildlife Sisease Association (EWDA), 27 – 31 August, Berlin, Germany.

Hansson, I., Olsson Engvall E., Harbom, B., and Lahti, E. (oral presentation) 2016. Campylobacter outbreak in humans are a challenge to investigate. Alex Health 2016" an International Conferece of High Institue of Public Health, 19 – 20 Octover, Alexandria, Egypt.

Habib, I., Boqvist, S., Vågsholm, I., Fernström, L-L., Hansson, I., Agamy, N., Salem, E., Osama, W., Adnan, M. 2016. Minding the gap of Campylobacter epidemiology in broiler meat and the public health risk in developing countries. ALEX Health, 19-20 Oct, Alexandria, Egypt.

Hansson, I., Lahti, E., Ferrari, S. and Olsson Engvall, E. 2016. Methods for sampling and identification of Campylobacter in dairy farms. European Association of Veterinary Laboratory Diagnostician, 6 – 9 November, Prague, Czech Republic.

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