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Workshop 2006

The first CRL- Campylobacter workshop was held 23- 25 October 2006 in Uppsala, Sweden.

Representatives from the National Reference Laboratories (NRLs) for Campylobacter in the EU Member States, Norway and Switzerland participated. Experts from the European Commission (EC) Services and the European Food Standards Agency (EFSA) presented Commission activities in the field of zoonoses control, the role of CRLs and informed about drafted baseline studies on Campylobacter in broilers and broiler meat. NRLs gave presentations on national Campylobacter programmes and their own laboratories´ Campylobacter activities. The CRL informed about ongoing and planned work programmes for the CRL and the NRLs were encouraged to contact and frequently communicate with the CRL regarding issues on Campylobacter analyses. A European network of reference laboratories for Campylobacter has been established. The CRL and NRLs will work together for the implementation of harmonised and validated analytical methods in accordance with EC regulation for official controls.




Eva Olsson Engvall CRL-Campylobacter Welcome to the 1st CRL-Campylobacter Workshop (pdf)
Maija Hatakka EC Commission activities in the field of zoonoses control and the role of Community Reference Laboratories (pdf)
Frank Boelaert EFSA Trends and sources of Campylobacter in the EU, covered by EFSA´s Community Zoonoses Summary Report (pdf)
Frank Boelaert EFSA Draft coordinated montoring programmes for Campylobacter in broiler flocks and broiler meat (pdf)
Eva Olsson Engvall CRL-Campylobacter Questionnare - Summary of answers to questionnaire (pdf)
Marjaana Hakkinen Finland Country presentation Finland (pdf)
Hanne Rosenquist Denmark 1 Country presentation Denmark (pdf)
Andrea Brtkova Slovakia Country presentation Slovakia (pdf)
Maria Emmanuel Cyprus Country presentation Cyprus (pdf)
Jaap Wagenaar The Netherlands Country presentation The Netherlands (pdf
Jacek Osek Poland Country presentation Poland (pdf)
Lisa Barco Italy Country presentation Italy (pdf)
Monique Toszeghy United Kingdom Country presentation United Kingdom (pdf)
John Egan Ireland Country presentation Ireland (pdf)
Bjarne Bergsjö Norway Country presentation Norway (pdf)
Thomas Alter Germany Country presentation Germany (pdf)
Ingrid Hansson Sweden Country presentation Sweden 1 (pdf)
Boel Harbom CRL-Campylobacter Country presentation Sweden 2 (pdf)
Raymond Miserez Switzerland Country presentation Switzerland (pdf
Sandra Jelovcan Austria Country presentation Austria (pdf)
Marianne Lund Denmark Country presentation Denmark 2 (pdf)
Hans Lindmark Sweden Country presentation Sweden 3 (pdf)

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