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Workshop 2008

Altogether 51 persons representing NRLs in all EU Member States (MS), non-MS Iceland, Norway and Switzerland, experts from DG Sanco, EFSA, other experts and staff members from the CRL - Campylobacter participated in the workshop. 

A full report from the workshop and pdf-files of the presentations are available on this website (below).

Report: Report from the workshop (pdf)
Photos: Photos from the workshop (pdf)


Welcome and introduction to the CRL- Campylobacter third workshop. (pdf)
Eva Olsson Engvall, CRL- Campylobacter.

General and recent issues on Campylobacter monitoring at EU level. (pdf)
Ari Hörman, DG Sanco, European Commission.

Antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Campylobacter jejuni and C. coli. (pdf)
Rene Sjögren Hendriksen, CRL- AMR, Denmark.

Development of a defined medium for the enumeration of Campylobacter. (pdf)
Alastair Thomas, ThermoFisher Scientific, Oxoid, United Kingdom. 

Activities of the WHO Collaborating Center for Campylobacter and OIE Reference Laboratory for campylobacteriosis. (pdf)
Jaap Wagenaar, Utrecht University, CVI, The Netherlands.

CRL- Campylobacter ring test 2008. Detection and enumeration of Campylobacter spp in broiler skin. (pdf)
Ingrid Hansson, CRL- Campylobacter.

Measurement uncertainty (MU) for quantitative determinations. (pdf)
Elina Lahti, CRL- Campylobacter.  
Identification of Campylobacter isolates from baseline survey in broilers 2008. (pdf)
Eva Olsson Engvall & Ninni Pudas, CRL- Campylobacter.

Influence of plating media and enrichment period on detection, enumeration and species of Campylobacter sp from naturally contaminated chicken samples. (pdf)
Marie- José Laisney, AFSSA, France.

Proficiency testing scheme for Campylobacter analysis in broiler production chain matrices. (pdf)
Ria van der Hulst- van Arken, CVI, The Netherlands.

The baseline study in practice. Results for Belgium from January to August 2008. (pdf)
Nadine Botteldoorn, Institute of Public Health, Belgium.

ISO and CEN standards for Campylobacter – recent developments. (pdf)
Enne de Boer, VWA, The Netherlands.

Validation study of selective media for samples in primary production. (pdf)
Ingrid Hansson, CRL- Campylobacter.

Amoebas for Campylobacter detection in broiler carcass samples. (pdf)
Linda Svensson, CRL- Campylobacter.

Voluntary PCR ring test in September 2008. (pdf)
Boel Harbom, CRL- Campylobacter.

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