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Workshop 2016

The 11th EURL-Campylobacter workshop, Uppsala, Sweden, 3-5 October 2016

The 11th EURL-Campylobacter workshop was held in Uppsala, Sweden 3-5 October 2016. Representatives from the EU NRLs, from third countries and from DG-Sante and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) as well as other experts participated in the workshop. Photo: Linda Svensson/SVA


Photos from the workshop (pdf, 6Mb)


Presentations given at the workshop are available as pdf-files below.

Introduction to the workshop
Hanna Skarin, EURL-Campylobacter

Molecular typing enhanced surveillance at EU level
Ivo van Walle, ECDC

Proposal on Campylobacter process hygiene criterion
Pamina Mika Suzuki, DG-SANTÉ

The results from the subtyping questionnaire/group discussions
Hanna Skarin, EURL-Campylobacter

Genomic epidemiology of Campylobacter jejuni
Mirko Rossi, University of Helsinki

Proficiency tests for whole genome sequencing
Susanne Karlsmose Pedersen, EURL-AMR

PT results and analysis of performance
Ingrid Hansson, EURL-Campylobacter
Ann Nyman, EURL-Campylobacter

The results from the "drying of mCCDA" questionnaire
Ingrid Hansson, EURL-Campylobacter

Do the selective media influence Campylobacter detection?
Elisabeth Repérant, NRL-FR

Campylobacter fetus in manure from small ruminants
Gretje Castelijn, NL

Campylobacter winter-peaks in Sweden
Linda Trönnberg, PHA
Ingrid Hansson and Hanna Skarin, EURL-Campylobacter

Culture confirmation of Campylobacter by MALDI-TOF/group discussions
Miriam Koene, NRL-NL

Monitoring of Campylobacter spp. in poultry carcasses in Serbia: The First Results
Branko Velebeit, RS

A quantitative real-time PCR approach for assessing of Campylobacter colonization in broiler herds ante mortem
Gudrun Overesch, CH

The EURL-Campylobacter website
Linda Svensson, EURL-Campylobacter

Updates on ISO 10272
Hanna Skarin and Ingrid Hansson, EURL-Campylobacter

Conclusions from discussions
Elina Lahti, EURL-Campylobacter

Future perspective and closing remarks
Hanna Skarin and Ingrid Hansson, EURL-Campylobacter


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