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Work with wildlife issues at SVA is conducted in response to government and public interest in the health status of wild mammals and birds.

Samlingsbild på Varg, järv, björn och lodjur
The four large mammalian predators in Sweden; wolf, wolverine, brown bear and lynx. Photo: SVA

Wild mammals and birds are affected by diseases, toxins, anthropogenic factors and environmental changes. One way of studying the effects of these factors on our fauna is to examine wild animals that are found dead. Approximately 2 000 animals (whole carcasses or samples from birds and mammals) are examined annually. Samples are from both passive surveillance from fallen wildlife or euthanized sick animals, and from active surveillance with specific sampling for disease and health screening. These studies provide information on ongoing or new diseases,  cause of death and signs of, or presence of toxins in wildlife. These studies provide information on ongoing or new diseases and toxins in wildlife. Studies of dead animals also provide knowledge about transmission of diseases between wild animals, domestic animals and man.

SVA serves as a source of information on wildlife issues to public authorities, the general public, hunters and people interested in nature. The work is characterized by high competence in pathology, biology, wildlife diseases and veterinary issues concerning hunting and the rearing of game. SVA, Department of Pathology and Wildlife Diseases, is also an OIE international reference laboratory for tularemia. The work with wildlife is carried out in cooperation with the Swedish Hunters Association, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency and other environmental protection organizations, and authorities such as the Board of Agriculture.

You are welcome to contact SVA with your questions concerning our activities in the wildlife sector.

E-mail: vilt@sva.se
Phone: +46 18 67 40 00 (switchboard)


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Last updated : 2022-07-07