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Betty Malmberg Riksdagsledamot (M) Sveriges riksdag






2007 - 2010


FLU-LAB-NET provides new opportunities for enhancement and reinforcement of the Community Reference Laboratory and National Reference Laboratory network for avian influenza (AI) within the EU. This will strengthen harmonisation and development of laboratory and diagnostic methods, coordination of research efforts and sharing of expertise. Rapid responses to national and global emergencies with data sharing will be key areas of exploitation, contributing to a European laboratory task force capability for AI in animal species. Rapid, formal interactive communications will be addressed through web-based forums.  Laboratories involved in influenza research on domestic mammals will also participate.

FLU-LAB-NET will foster formal links and coordinate with corresponding human, swine and equine influenza networks. FLU-LAB-NET provides opportunities for identification and development of the complementarities of global, multi-disciplinary influenza research programmes. Strategically important third country and INCO partners are also included in this network, in order to raise laboratory standards and benefit from knowledge sharing. This will promote greater trust, understanding and early access to information that may be of importance to both veterinary and public health in the EU.

Project website: www.flu-lab-net.eu.


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