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2010 - 2010

Klimatförändring: Hälsa och Ekologi

Global warming is causing extensive changes in many ecosystems. These alterations include latitudinal and altitudinal shifts in the geographic distributions of species, changes in the seasonal timing of life-history events, and alterations in food availability and food web structure. Changing ecosystems also have the capacity to strongly affect human welfare. For example, the distribution and ecology of several kinds of diseases of great significance to human and animal health, agriculture, fisheries and forestry, are strongly influenced by climatic factors.

A major question is whether evolutionary processes have the power to substantially influence the patterns and rates of species´ responses to climate change. The complexity of genetic, physiological, behavioral, and ecological information required to address these issues is vast, requiring an interdisciplinary and international approach. On Sept. 1-3, 2010, the Climate Centre at the National Veterinary Institute, Uppsala will hold an international interdisciplinary conference to link research and philosophy from veterinary and human medicine, ecology and evolution with the objective of reviewing current understanding and proposing future action.

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