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Uppsala universitet



Sida, Östersjöenheten


2010 - 2011

Klimatförändring: Hälsa och Ekologi

In September 1-3, 2010, the National Veterinary Institute, Uppsala, Sweden, will hold an interdisciplinary conference called "Climate change: Health and Ecology", to link research and philosophy from veterinary and human medicine, evolution and ecology with the objective of reviewing current understanding and proposing future action of scientists in the Baltic Sea region.

The conference will be carried out in Uppsala and last for three days. We will invite approximately 10-15 international speakers for 30-60 minutes´talks and welcome up to 200 participants. Several hours each dag will be scheduled for general discussions between participants. In addition, submissions of posters are encouraged and authors of six most interesting subjects are given the opportunity for short oral presentations. The organizing committee of the conference will constitute of 15 people from five different Baltic Sea countries who, in addition to the conference, will meet at three occasions (once before and twice after the conference) to assemble a report on the major outcomes of the conference and initiate common future research activites. Several invited speakers will be from Baltic Sea region, but also from other countries in the world.

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