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Betty Malmberg Riksdagsledamot (M) Sveriges riksdag






2011 - 2011

Short term mission to BfR, Germany

The work that the group at the BfR and the work that I am doing has very strong connections. To facilitate a strong synergistic effect, to further elaborate the cooperation and to disseminate the knowledge, we will instruct each other in the backgrounds of vulnerability assessment and the risk ranking systems of selected pathogens during my stay at the host institute. This short term mission will make me acquainted with a tool developed at the BfR in the course of project work for the risk ranking of zoonotic agents. In turn, the group at the BfR will be able to gain knowledge about my work in vulnerability assessment of the poultry breeding chain for spreading of potentially zoonotic agents. Together we will explore tools, e.g.the Carver Manufacturing and Carver Agriculture tools for risk and vulnerability assessment in food and animal production chains.
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