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2009 - 2010

Utvärdering av en ny analysmetod av mykotoxinförekomst i foder samt kopplingar mellan mögelförekomst, mykotoxinförekomst samt hälsostörningar hos mjölkkor

In a previous Swedish study an association between udder health disorders and usage of maize silage or hard pressed sugar beet pulp. An explanation for this association is that these feed were of inferior hygiene quality. Feed of inferior hygiene quality can contain mycotoxins which can cause health disorders of animals. A new method for analysis of mycotoxins in silage was set up at the National Veterinary Inistitute, Uppsala, Sweden and the aim of this project was to investigate the mycotoxin content of 30 maize silage samples using this LS-MS/MS method. Moreover, associations between mold findings and mycotoxin findings were statistically assessed. Growth of Penicillium Roqueforti was found in 20 of the samples but a mycotoxin was only found in one of the samples (roquefortine C). The only conclusion drawn from this project is that the analysis method works as expected.

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