Till startsidan för Statens veterinärmedicinska anstalt

Research on African swine fever – open seminar

Welcome to an open seminar presenting current research from SVA, National Veterinary Institute.

This seminar is dedicated to research on African swine fever (ASF) performed in Sweden and in Uganda. The research in Sweden takes off in the apparent risk for introduction of the diseases during the ongoing epidemic in eastern/central Europe, and the role that wild boar play in this new disease setting. In Uganda ASF is endemic. Research on ASF performed by SVA co-workers during almost ten years has led to insights concerning the importance of local communities for controlling ASF, this aspect of disease control will be explored further in a newly started project.

Karl Ståhl, deputy state epizootiologist, DVM, PhD

Erika Chenais, epidemiologist, DVM, PhD

The seminar will be held in English.

Where? Långskeppet at SVA. Ulls väg 2B, Uppsala

When? May 23rd 2019

What time? 14.00-14.45

How? The seminar is free and open to anyone. There is a limited number of seats, and the last day to register is May 20th 2019!

Register here

Questions? Tanja.Strand@sva.se


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