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Healthy livestock – Safe food

Photo from abbatoir

The ITP “Healthy livestock – safe food” aims at an integrative approach of animal health and food security, exploring the value chains from stable to table. Photo: Erika Chenais / SVA


As part of The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency’s (Sida:s) work with capacity and institutional development Sida offers international training programmes (ITP) for participants from low-and middle-income countries in priority areas. ITP’s methodology takes account of the desire to develop and reform that the participants’ organisations have expressed in their application to the program.
The programmes cover areas of strategic importance to the social, environmental and economic development of co-operating countries and are based on identified priorities and needs. In the long-term perspective, the programmes shall contribute to institutional strengthening and capacity development in the co-operating countries.

The overall objective of this programme is to obtain a complete approach of the value chains from stable to table. More specifically, the programme will address how better health in food producing animals improve sustainable production of animal derived products, and how this interrelate to reduced usage of antimicrobials and safer food products. The programme should both suit the participants’ need and contribute to poverty reduction by promoting a sustainable livestock production.

The programme is planned and implemented by the National Veterinary Institute, Board of Agriculture, National Food Agency and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences.

Application to ITP

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