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Information for applicants for vacancies.

Vacancies at SVAVacancies at SVA

EURL - Campylobacter

Activities of the EU Reference Laboratory (EURL) for Campylobacter.

EURL - CampylobacterEURL - Campylobacter

OIE Collaborating Centre

- for Biotechnology-based Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases in Veterinary Medicine.

Collaborating CentreCollaborating Centre

Research projects

Database of our ongoing or recently completed research projects.

Reseach projectsReseach projects


  • VetMIC Aquatic

    For antimicrobial susceptibility testing for bacteria isolated from aquatic animals. 

  • VetMIC

    A MIC-based system for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria.  

  • Rabies, vaccination control

    To test if the dog or cat has an acceptable rabies antibody level after vaccination.