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About the ITP

Knowledge is a main key in preventing infections, improve animal health and stop hunger. This ITP aims at increasing the awareness of how animal welfare is crucial for a safe food supply chain.

Tabell över de globala målen.
Healthy livestock – safe food, contributes to the fulfilment of the Agenda 2030 and the development plans of each participating country.

The programme is designed to suit the participating countries needs in the animal health sector, and to contribute to poverty reduction by promoting a sustainable livestock production with a smallholder focus. Thus, the programme relates to several of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), especially: No povertyZero hungerGood health and well-being but also Gender equality, Clean water and sanitation, Climate action, Life below water, Life on land, and Partnership for the goals.

The main objectives of the programme are:

  • improved animal health,
  • reduced number of zoonotic infections in humans,
  • decreased development of antimicrobial resistance,
  • reduced presence of antibiotic residuals in food.
Man som står i ett slakthus.
The ITP takes an integrative approach of animal health and food safety, exploring animal food value chains from stable to table and farm to fork. Photo: Carmina Ionescu/SLV

After completing the programme, the participants should have increased knowledge about:

  • The importance of preventive measures for improved animal health, animal welfare and reduced antimicrobial use.
  • Surveillance and control of endemic, epizootic and zoonotic diseases, including food-borne zoonoses.
  • The benefits of applying a synergistic approach for increasing food safety in the value chain from stable to table, and how their organisation in collaboration with other actors can use this approach.

The establishment of informal and formal networks between participants on national and regional level is a very important output of the programme that enhances cooperation and serve to achieve the overall objectives.

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Last updated : 2020-11-26