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The change projects – summaries and results

As a part of the International training programme (ITP) the participants conduct an individual change project – a way of implementing gained insights and reaching results while still a part of the programme.

We have seen that successful and sustainable projects:

  • aim to solve a specific problem by implementing a directly applicable solution.
  • aim to add value for the receivers of the services/products (could be e.g. farmers, food businesses or consumers) provided by your organisation.
  • develop new ways to work that include intensified stakeholder dialogue or working together in public-private or One health partnerships.
  • support, contribute or are expected to provide synergistic effects together with other ongoing projects or programs.
  • use knowledge acquired in previous ITP-projects to improve the design and to scale up for greater impact.
  • have a scope that are within that of the mandate of the organisation.
  • have the support of the management and are well anchored in the organisation.

Some examples:

  • Project to increase farmers’ know-how and income by strengthening the collaboration between a local milk collection center, local milk producers and collectors through dialog and information sharing along the value chain.
  • Pilot study conducted in a public-private partnership to test biosecurity or vaccination programs for broilers with the potential to reduce antimicrobial use at farm level.
  • Project contributing to the implementation of a national animal health program.
  • Project that engages private and public actors to improve food safety at a local market and slaughter slab in dialogue.
  • Projects that support different departments work with antimicrobial resistance in synergy and in continuity over cohorts.

Summaries of the completed projects during cohorts 1–2, showing examples on the remarkable results achieved so far are presented by topic:  

Last updated : 2023-01-11