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Two SVA-logos where the old is out of focus.
The new name Swedish Veterinary Agency will ease the SVA international relations.

Swedish Veterinary Agency, formerly National Veterinary Institute

Last updated : 0001-01-01

As of January 1st, Statens veterinärmedicinska anstalt (SVA) will have a new name in English. The new name, Swedish Veterinary Agency, (SVA) replaces National Veterinary Institute.

In Swedish the name remains the same. So far the English name has been National Veterinary Institute. The logo was the Swedish letters of the acronym SVA with the name spelled out next to them.

During a transition period, there will be procurements and orders made by the old name that will be invoiced to and paid for by the new name. International partners and suppliers are informed directly to ensure a smooth transition. The SVA page with instructions for invoicing will be updated.

On SVA's social media, only limited communication is in English. When they, and all pages on the SVA web site have been updated with the new name on January 1, the old name will no longer be used in public.


Ann Lindberg

Researcher, state epizootiologist, professor