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SvarmIT, interactive resistance monitoring tool

SvarmIT is an interactive tool that visualises occurrence of resistance among different bacterial species isolated from animals. Using the search options, you can choose a bacterial species and then an antibiotic or an animal species of interest. The result is displayed in a graph and table showing the annual percentage frequency of resistant isolates since 2010. In the graph, you can further select or deselect which lines to be displayed by clicking on the legend. Both the graph and the table can be exported for further use.

Data for the indicator Escherichia coli come from active monitoring performed within the monitoring program Svarm. Data for the clinical isolates come from the diagnostic lab at SVA, of which the majority are likely from animals with infections. Therefore, there may be a bias towards samples from treated animals or herds where antibiotic treatment is common.

The cut-off value used to define resistance for each antibiotic is shown both in the legend of the graph and the table. As a general principal, epidemiological cut-off values (ECOFFs) issued by EUCAST are used if available. Data are updated every day and is only displayed when there are at least 30 isolates tested per year.  As data is updated daily, the results for the current year are preliminary. Furthermore, results from this tool are subject to change when the cut-off values are changed, for instance when EUCAST updates their interpretive criteria.


Last updated : 2024-05-02