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Zoonoses are diseases or infectious agents that can spread naturally between animals and people.

Surveillance activities

To monitor important animal diseases and zoonotic agents in humans, food, feed and animals, surveillance activities are carried out in Sweden. Som eof these disease agents are Salmonella, Campylobacter and EHEC.

The surveillance is reported every year in the annual publication Surveillance of infectious diseases in animals and humans. The report covers surveillance for carried out and compiled by experts from several Swedish governmental agencies, university and the private industry with surveillance mandates along the entire food chain, from farm to fork.

Antimicrobial resistance

The Swedres-Svarm is a report on Swedish Antibiotic Sales and Resistance in Human Medicine (Swedres) and Swedish Veterinary Antibiotic Resistance Monitoring (Svarm). It is published yearly by the Public Health Agency of Sweden and the National Veterinary Institute.


The health status of wildlife in Sweden is monitored through SVA's wildlife disease surveillance program. This surveillance is also reported in annual publications, covering among many other things parasites like Trichinella and Dwarf tapeworm of Echinoccocus spp. (E. granulosus s.l. and E. multilocularis).

Last updated : 2023-02-01