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Porträtt av Robert Söderlund
Robert Söderlund Researcher, PhD robert.soderlund@sva.se +46 18-67 40 14

Main applicant



Stiftelsen Albert Hjärrefonden


2017 - 2017

Association between sequence types of equine herpes virus 5 (EHV-5) and equine multinodular pulmonary fibrosis (EMPF)

Equine multinodular pulmonary fibrosis (EMPF) is a rare but severe disease in horses. Equine herpes virus 5 (EHV-5) is suspected to cause EMPF, but is also frequently found in healthy horses. In the present project, new DNA sequencing techniques will be used to identify which variants of EHV-5 are present in horses with and without EMPF. In this way, the possibility  that certain variants of EHV-5 are more likely to cause EMPF in an infected horse will be investigated.

Last updated : 2018-01-02