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Porträtt av Josefine Elving
Josefine Elving Researcher, PhD josefine.elving@sva.se +46 18 67 40 35

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National Food Agency


Swedish Board of Agriculture

The Federation of Swedish Farmers



2021 - 2023

Project members

Linda Engblom

Building of a resilient water supply through preparedness and redundancy

Foto: ThomasVogel

Access to clean and healthy water is of great importance for a functioning society.  In general, water in Sweden is of high quality and the availability is good.  However, this situation is continuously challenged by changing climate conditions leading to e.g. droughts and floods as well as an increased need for water for growth and food production. As a whole, this places high demands on our ability to prevent shortages of clean water and to find practical solutions to deal with water shortages.

Disruptions in the water supply can have both short- and long-term effects on operations of all forms and sizes. Today, the knowledge of vulnerabilities in relation to the water supply in businesses with individual water is insufficient and the preparedness to deal with disturbances is scarce. This also applies to a certain extent to water users connected to public water supply but not covered by the municipality's responsibility for public water supply. Lack of preparedness and redundancy in the water supply today constitutes a vulnerability and is a potential threat the resilience of affected operations.

By producing end products adapted to the target group, the project contributes to strengthened robustness in operations through increased capacity for preparedness and redundancy in the water supply.

Work in progress 

The work within the project is conducted in four sub-projects which partly run in parallel during the project period. 

Current situation analysis - Analysis of the current situation of the project's target group incl. description of water supply systems, legal aspects and prerequisites for increased preparedness and redundancy in water supply 

Mapping of principled solutions - Mapping and evaluation of principled solutions to create preparedness and redundancy in the current target group. 

Good examples - Documentation of good examples. Conducted in the form of interviews with a focus on user experiences, operational security/operational requirements, limitations, costs and benefits. 

 Tools for increased preparedness and redundancy - Development of target group-adapted tools that aim to support the target group in developing action plans within their own operations.

Last updated : 2024-01-30