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Porträtt av Mikael Leijon
Mikael Leijon Researcher, PhD, Associate Professor mikael.leijon@sva.se +46 70 319 86 92

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2014 - 2016

Co-circulation of avian influenza and velogenic Newcastle disease viruses - impact on pathogenesis, immune response and disease prevention (NADIV)

Focusing on H9N2 AI and ND viruses, this project aims to increase knowledge on the interactions of these viruses often co-circulating in the poultry population, and to gain insights for a better diagnosis and control through the evaluation of accurate diagnostic tools and appropriate vaccination schemes. To this regard and in line with the ANIHWA topic 2 priorities, an international team of experienced scientists from Belgium, Israel, Italy and Sweden will investigate the impact of these viruses together on disease severity and virus pathogenicity, immune response to infections and vaccination. In addition, this project will evaluate existing and novel diagnostic tools for the rapid detection of multiple infections caused by AI and ND as well as for the differentiation of infections caused by field or vaccine strains.
Last updated : 2018-01-02