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Project facts

Project manager

Porträtt av Siamak Zohari

Main applicant





2023 - 2028

Project members

Mikael Leijon

Ecology of Wild-life, Livestock, huMan and Infectious Diseases in changing environments

WiLiMan-ID addresses the dynamics of the “host-pathogen” interactions for five animal IDs that are ranked as high priority by the EU and circulate between livestock (chicken, swine, deer, or horses) and wild-life animals (birds, wild-pig, or cervids), with two IDs causing severe economic damages to the farming systems and three representing a threat to human health (see below for a full description). The main objective of WiLIMan-ID is to identify key drivers shaping their dissemination and persistence in changing environments by integrating data at different scales (pathogens>host>community of hosts>territory) and further provide policymakers with strategies and methods for prevention, surveillance and control of the 5 IDs under the scope of WiLiMan-ID and beyond.

Last updated : 2022-12-29