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Project facts

Project manager

Porträtt av Robert Söderlund
Robert Söderlund Researcher, PhD robert.soderlund@sva.se +46 18-67 40 14

Main applicant



2022 - 2023

Field of research

Wild birds

Large grazing birds as a potential source of salmonella and shigatoxin producing Escherichia coli (STEC) in the food chain

Foto: Santiago Lacarta / Unsplash

Populations of geese, cranes  and swans have expanded in Sweden and cause significant crop damage. Wild birds can carry pathogenic bacteria and therefore pose a potential threat of introduction of such bacteria into the food chain when they graze on fields. In this pilot project we will analyse samples from large grazing birds for the presence of salmonella and shigatoxigenic E. coli (STEC), two of the most common bacteria causing severe gastrointestinal disease in humans. Any bacteria found will be whole-genome sequenced and compared to previous findings from animal feed, animals and humans in Sweden and other countries.

Last updated : 2023-03-29