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Project manager

Porträtt av Mikael Leijon
Mikael Leijon Researcher, PhD, Associate Professor mikael.leijon@sva.se +46 70 319 86 92

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2021 - 2023

Field of research

All animals

Project members

Aleksija Neimane

Caroline Bröjer

Johanna Lindahl

Karl Ståhl

Marie Sjölund

Mikael Leijon

Per Wallgren

Siamak Zohari

Thomas Rosendal

SARS-CoV2 Research Integration and Preparedness (COVRIN)

Foto: iStock

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), which is caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV2), was first identified in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, and has since spread rapidly, evolving into a full-blown pandemic. This Covid19 pandemic has an unprecedented societal and economic impact. Therefore, the One Health EJP Project Management Team (PMT) on behalf of its partners has decided that they should join forces to combat Covid19 and raise preparedness for future coronavirus outbreaks. 

A main focus of this OHEJP initiative will be to reinforce collaboration and integration of research activities by means of a Joint Integrative Project (JIP) on SARS-CoV2. This JIP aims to integrate coronavirus research activities of all OHEJP partners. 

The project will have two main operational objectives: The first one will be to identify the drivers for the emergence and spread of SARS-CoV2. The second one will be to generate data and build models for risk assessment of SARS-CoV2. Besides a work package on coordination and communication, including activities to connect with stakeholders and avoid overlaps with other projects, the project will have four integrative research work packages. The integrative research activities will include i) research on detection of SARS-CoV2 in animal species and the environment, ii) research on SARS-CoV2 molecular and biological characterization, iii) SARS-CoV2 surveillance and risk assessment, focussed on the animal human interface, and iv) Coronavirus preparedness. Within the overall EJP One Health strategic goals, the overall aim of the COVRIN project will be to generate and share data of integrative research activities on virus-host interactions, virus evolution and drivers for emergence, risk assessment and risk modelling, in order to increase the preparedness for future Coronavirus outbreaks.

Last updated : 2021-11-22