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Strategic research areas

Research at SVA is focused on infectious diseases and biologic toxins. We work with zoonotic, epizootic and endemic diseases. We have five defined strategic research areas: antimicrobial resistance, disease preparedness, future diagnostics, infectious diseases in wildlife and zoonotic enteric diseases. However, research is not limited to these strategic topics.

The purpose of all research at SVA is to generate knowledge and technical support for activities within our responsibility, which can be found in the governmental instructions for the institute. Our vision is "Healthy animals – Safe people". By continuous horizon scanning and dialogue with other authorities, industry and farmer´s associations we identify lack of knowledge and needs for research and development. We use a One Health approach, wherever applicable.

The scope of our research is broad and we strive for and always consider suggestions for national and international collaboration. We have unique competence in several areas. Find out more about recent and ongoing research projects.

Last updated : 2020-01-13