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SVA has decided to discontinue its manufacture of microtiter plates for antibiotic resistance determination. The decision applies to the entire VetMIC range. There are plates in stock that will be sold out in the coming months.

A VetMIC plate is quick to set using a multichannel pipette. 
Photo: Bengt Ekberg/SVA

VetMIC is an MIC-based (Minimal Inhibitory Concentration) system for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria.

The antimicrobials are dried in serial twofold dilutions in microtitre plates. We provide different panel designs for clinical purposes and for monitoring programmes.

Our panels for campylobacter (VetMIC Camp EU) is designed for monitoring according to EFSA recomendations.

Bacterial material from agar or broth culture is suspended and inoculated in the microtitre plates. After incubation the MIC is read as the lowest concentration inhibiting visible growth.

Reading VetMIC

A customized mirror helps the reading of the VetMIC. 
Photo: Bengt Ekberg/SVA

The MIC is read as the lowest concentration completely inhibiting visible growth. The panel is placed on top of a viewing device in form of a stand with an enlarging mirror. A bench lamp giving indirect light in a dark room facilitates reading. Bacterial growth is easily detected in the mirror, mostly as a pellet on the bottom of the well. We can provide an easy to use and convenient plate reading mirror.

At SVA a plate reader, BIOMIC V3 (Giles Scientific), is used for reading VetMIC. The reading is based on digital imaging and images and data are stored in a database. The VetMIC panel designs can be included in the BIOMIC V3 software on request.

Contact information

E-mail: substrat@sva.se
Phone: +46 (0) 18 67 41 67
Address: Section of Substrate Production, National Veterinary Institute, SE-751 89 Uppsala

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