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Documentation from the EURL workshop in 2023

The 18th EURL-Campylobacter workshop, via video link, September 26-27, 2023.

Representatives from the EU NRLs and from third countries as well as experts from Directorate-General for Health and Food Safety (DG SANTE), European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) participated in the workshop.


Presentations given at the workshop are available as pdf-files below.

Opening of the workshop
Hanna Skarin, EURL-Campylobacter

Monitoring of Campylobacter and related antimicrobial resistance in the EU, 2021
Giusi Amore, EFSA

Results of the broiler carcass testing for Campylobacter in Hungary in official and private laboratories
Zsuzsanna Sréterné Lancz, NRLHungary

Correlation of broiler caecal Campylobacter enumeration results with on-farm biosecurity scores in irish broiler
Olwen Golden, NRL-Ireland

Results and analysis of performance PT 34 and PT 35
Helena Höök, EURL-Campylobacter

Measurement uncertainty
Gunnar Andersson, EURL-Campylobacter

Presentation and discussion on upcoming PTs
Helena Höök, Gunnar Andersson and Ásgeir Ástvaldsson, EURL-Campylobacter

METhepaticus: Development of tools to detect Campylobacter hepaticus, the causative agent of Spotty Liver Disease in poultry
Martine Denis, NRL-France

Update on activities in ISO and CEN
Hanna Skarin, EURL-Campylobacter

Survey – Inventory for the EURL-Campylobacter Workshop 2023
Helena Höök, EURL-Campylobacter

Campylobacter contamination in wastewater from slaughterhouse and wastewater treatment plan – preliminary results
Miriam Koene, NRL-Netherlands

Perspectives and challenges in accreditation of NGS-based methods
Giuliano Garofoli, NRL-IT

Accreditation of WGS for Campylobacter in NRL Finland
Anniina Jaakkonen, NRL-Finland

Multi country event of Campylobacter jejuni ST-464
Ásgeir Ástvaldsson, EURL-Campylobacter

The One Health WGS System
Mirko Rossi, EFSA

Environmental dynamics of Campylobacter jejuni genotypes circulating in Luxembourg: What is the role of wild birds?
Louise Hock, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology

Presentations and follow-up of NRL group discussions

EURL-Campylobacter work programme 2023-2024 and closing remarks.
Hanna Skarin, EURL-Campylobacter

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